english english お問い合わせ
(Vol.Ⅷ No.1,2006)

◆ Keynote Lecture
・Current Situation of Organized Crime in Japan and Countermeasures against It Takayuki Shiibashi
◆ Articles
・Legal Character of Security Business and its Position in the Safety Policy Prof.em.Dr.jur  Yoriaki Narita
・Treatment of Sex Offenders Tetsuro Kawamoto
・Role of Digital Forensics in Homeland Security Masahiro Morimoto
・Public Security Operations of Self Defense Force to deal with Armed Agents Shiro Kawamoto
・Risk Management in Complex System -Risk Chain and Recognition of the Sensitivity- Naoki Kato
・Present Situations and Future tasks of Police Communications against Natural Disasters -Reflecting on the Mid-Niigata Prefecture Earthquake- Jun Sano
・Making A Safety Infrastructure Toward a Crime-Resistant Society Hiroshi Ishiduki
・Local Contracts of Security in France Katunori Imai
  Chikao Uranaka
・Surveillance Study of Crime Prevention through Street Lighting Shuji Sudani
・Criminal Policy on Foreign Students in Japan Haruhiko Higuchi
・Policy Evaluation for Public Safety Policy: A Systemic Approach to Policy Evaluation in Social Governance Ko Shikata
・IT Security Strategy of the Japanese Government, and Efforts of the Police Takayuki Oku
◆ Panel Discussion
・Security and Liberties in the 21st Century Atsuo Kasai Shigeru Takahashi
  Keiko Sakurai Kouji Tonami
    Minoru Saito
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association