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◆ Key note Lecture
・Problems of the society depending on the Internet Masahide Maeda
◆ Articles
・The Public Records Management Act and The Records of National and Prefectual Polices Shigeru Takahashi
・Some Insights into Police Management -By Analyzing Fukuoka Police Survey Data in 2008 Masahiro Tamura
・Considering University Education for Candidates for Police Officer Yoshinori Nakanome
・Possibility of Administrative Control over Disorder Acts: Thinking from Minor Offenses Law Kikumi Noguchi
・On Comprehensive Measures for Youth Affairs and Public Safety by Tokyo Metropolitan Government Ayako Aoyama
・Safe Community and Police Activity in Community Based Hiroshi Ishizuki
・Police Liability for Omission in Japan and US Tort Claim Cases Taisuke Kanayama
・Memorandum on Law on Punishment of and Measures against Act of Piracy -A few points in controversy over "the police" defined by Police Act Satoru Shimane
・Problems of digital forensics on diversification of digital equipments for using the Internet Yasuyuki Nomoto
・Use of Force against Terrorism -the Boundary of the Right of Self-Defence Yuri Higashi
◆ Panel Discussion
・Problems of the society depending on the Internet Hiroshi Ishizuki Seiji Yoshikawa
    Junko Fujioka Hachiro Tokutsu
  Masanori Kusunoki Akira Sakamoto
  Masahide Maeda Yuuichi Kijima
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association