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◆ Keynote Lecture
・Proposal for Measures against Crime for the "Safety and Reassurance for the Future"and its Significance Shizuo Fujiwara
◆ Panel Discussion
・"Safety and Reassurance for the Future"
 -For Japan,as the Safest and the most Reassuring Country of the New Era-  
  Izumi Yokouchi Keiji Yamada Takashi Mikuriya
  Toshihiro Kawaide Yuichi Sakaguchi Tateshi Higuchi
  Shizuo Fujiwara    
◆ Articles
・The Future of Police Studies Approached by Social Science,from the Perspective of French Method Chikao Uranaka
 L'avenir d'etudes sur la police au point de vue de la méthode française  
・Some Pragmatical Studies on the Police Aid Shoichi Matsuo
・Criminal Liability of Internet Service Providers Tetsuya Ishii
・Situation and Challenges of Stalking Offenses in Japan: A Survey of Officers in Local Police Stations in Charge for Stalking Ko Shikata
Takahito Shimada
・Toward the Application of Face Recognition Technology to Large Scale Database Taketo Horiuchi
Takuro Hada
・A Study for Application of the Speech Recognition Technology to Mobile Terminals for Police Activity Hiroshi Yamada
Yoichi Mikajiri
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association