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◆ Keynote Lecture
・Public Security in the Advanced Information Society Yoshio Tsukio
◆ Articles
・Possibilities of the Legal Theory of Police Administration Hikaru Takagi
・Task for Police Administration after “Decentralization” and ”Administrative Reform” Naoto Takeuchi
・Crime Prevention through Environmental Design in Japan Kimio Takano
・Criminal investigation in the new century Ryo Ogiso
・A Sketch from the Viewpoint of the Retributive Justice Kazumichi Tsutsumi
・Road Traffic in the Society of Advanced Information and Telecommunications Masaki Koshi
・The Subjects of Unauthorized Computer Access Law Yasuhiro Tsuyuki
・Network Society and Information Security Techniques Hideki Imai
・Image Information Technology Toshibumi Sakata
◆ Panel Discussion
・Public Security in the Advanced Information Society Coordinator Shigeo Tsujii
  Hiroshi Nakajima Tadayuki Igarashi
  Junko Obata Masahide Maeda
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association