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◆ Keynote Lecture
・Safety Measures of the Cyber-Domain in the Police ----- Aggravation of the Threat  Masahide Maeda
◆ Panel Discussion
Safety Measures of the Cyber-Domain in the Police
  Isao Itabashi Motohisa Suzuki  Tomomichi Gouji
  Tutomu Sunada Yasuyuki Nomoto Jun Kuniura
◆ Articles
・Some Pragmatical Studies on Authority of Police under the Department of the Interior "Naimusho" ----- Centered in the Meiji era  Shoichi Matuo
・The Anti-Terrorism Legislation in the United Kingdom ----- Security and Human Rights Yoshio Katayama
・The Recent Situation Regarding the  Computer Misuse Act 1990 Takeyoshi Imai
・"Online - search" as New Investigation Techniques Liou Fangling
・The Strategy of  Safe Communities Movement by Volunteer for the Tokyo-Olympic Games Hiroshi Ishizuki
・Features of Face Recognition System by Humans and Machines Masayuki Sawada
・Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity of Medical Field

Hiroshi Fukatsu
Makoto Funahashi
Takeshi Ichihara

◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association