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◆ Key note Lecture
・Boryokudan and Human Rights -How Far Does the Constitution Protect Boryokudan?- Motohiro Hashimoto
◆ Articles
・The responsibility of police on child abuse and neglect Fujiko Yamada
・The study on the amendment of Information Disclosure Act for the Japanese Government Masao Matsumura
・Legal police activity -Austrian way of legal regulation on Security Police activities Tetsuya Imamura
・Social Safety Policy -Evaluation of Background and Meanings of the Theory- Yoshiki Kobayasi
・Statistical Evaluation on the Crime Reduction Policy in Japan 2002 ~ 2009 Taisuke Kanayama,
Kazunori Fujiwara
・Public Private Partnerships as Japanese Police Countermeasures against Cyber Crimes Kou Shikata
・A Study on Family Members of Criminal Offenders in Japan Nobumasa Sugimoto
・A Research of fundamental Technologies on Police Info-Communucations Masafumi Moriyama
◆ Panel Discussion
・Countermeasures against Boryokudan -Safe and Secure Society by Excluding Boryokudan-  
  Kazumi Ito Kouhei Kishi
  Toshinari Nagao Hiromasa Itakura
  Hirotaka Seo Motohiro Hashimoto
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association