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◆ Keynote Lecture
・The response capabilities to overcome a disaster that exceeded all worst-case scenarios Toshitaka Katada
◆ Panel Discussion
・Social Security and Police for the Coming Age
 -Learning from the Lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake-  
  Hiroshi Ishizuki Hajime Seto Naoto Takeuchi
  Koichi Yoshida Jiro Araki Kazuyuki Nakagawa
  Kikumi Noguchi Toshitaka Katada  
◆ Articles
・United Nations Police: Changeing Roles and Future Directions Hiromi Fujishige
・The maritime strategy of China & Taiwan issue Keiichi Kawanaka
・Some Problems to improve tha Arrest Rate of Criminal Offense Hiroshi Chumon
・Various Investigative Measures and Criminal Interrogation: The Present and Future Shugo Hotta
・Enactment of Municipal Ordinance for the Promotion of Safe Community and New Development of Safe Communities Movement Hiroshi Ishizuki
・Research on Next-Generation Police Mobile Communications System Ikuro Nishimura
・A foreigner crime and criminal justice -center on a foreigner criminal investigation Yuri Mamba
◆ Overseas Researches
・Emotional Support for Law Enforcement Officers and thier Families -A Brief Summary of Our Current Research in Seattle PD with "Family Support Group's New Officer Family Orientation"- Yuzo Hashimoto
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association