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    18th Symposium

Policing and Changing Society

・Keynote Speech Masahide Maeda
・Panel Discussions
  Shoichi Matsuo Yoshiyuki Tsuji Jun Kurata
  Yasuhiro Tsuyuki Kikumi Noguchi Shuichiro Hoshi
・Police Legitimacy Theory and Procedural Justice Theory  Yoshiki Kobayashi
・Two Forms of Police Reform --- Postwar and in the Heisei-era Shoichi Matsuo
・Remote Access and the Principle of Warrant Liou Fangling
・Japanese Police's Assistance to Developing Countries in Promoting Community Policing Ko Shikata
・The Countermeasures against Kudou-kai Seiji Inohara
・The Keys to the Success of the Preceding Amendments of the Road Traffic Law and Future Issues Osamu Nasu
・NSA's Sigint Platform Managed by the Special Source Operations Unit

Tadayoshi Shigeta

・A Study for Remote Access of Police Information Systems

Taketo Horiuchi

・A Study on Recent Trends of Cryptography and Influences of it on Police Activities

Takako Okuno

Bungo Taga

・Obituary --- Dr. Makoto Tsuruki
・Activities in and around the Association