english english お問い合わせ
(Vol.Ⅶ No.1,2005)

◆ Keynote Lecture
・Principle of “Liberties based on Security and Police Administration” Tsutomu Isobe
◆ Articles
・The Ideal and System-Design of Family Group Conferencing for Juvenile Misdemeanor Cases Tatsuya Ota
・Criminal Law and Economics Theory -an Overview Junji Annen
・Children who Witness Domestic Violence -legal Responses and Challenges Miwa Kojimoto
・Searching Drug at School and the Fourth Amendment of U.S. Constitution Shinro Sakaki
・“Third Force” Tetsuya Endo
・International Counter-Terrorism Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region Shinsuke Shimizu
・National Security and Civil Liberties in UK ~Study of ECHR Judgments on Counter-Terrorism Powers Hideo Kunieda
・Surveillance Study on Biometrics Authentication Technology Masaki Fujikawa
・A Study about IP-izing of Police Communications Eiji Kato
◆ Panel Discussion
・Restructuring of the Safe Society Policy Kozo Kotani Fumikazu Tokunaga
  Takayuki Shiibashi Akira Morita
    Hideo Yamada
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association