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(Vol.ⅩⅨ, 2017)

    19th Symposium
Ensuring Security/Safety in an Era of Sharp Depopulation
~ Challange for Society and Police

・Keynote Speech Ⅰ Akira Morita
・Keynote Speech Ⅱ Yukio Takano
・Panel Discussions
  Naoto Takeuchi Masashi Kawai Mika Ikemoto
  Keiko Sakurai Kiyoshi Kawai Akira Morita
Yoshitsugu Shiroyama
・A Study of the "Radicalization" of Jihadists and the Integration of Muslim Immigration in France --- Focusing on the Reports of French Parliament Masakatsu Okabe
・The Problem and Challange of Hawala Masayuki Kirigaya
・Studies on the name of 'Boryokudan' (from the end of the Taisho period to the prewar of the Showa period) Hakaru Hirose
・Reviews on half a decade's situation of Atsugi City as a "Safe Community" Eiichi Iwasawa
・Cange in Police Activities for Juveniles and Current Problems Minoru Yokoyama
・Measures and Current Status of "JK Business" Yuko Utsumi
・Disaster Measures of Telecommunications Carriers after The Great East Japan Earthquake

Hiroyuki Takubo

・Effective Technique in order to Construct the Target Detection System

Masayuki Sawada

・Activities in and around the Association