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(Vol.Ⅹ No.1,2008)

◆ Keynote Lecture
・Recent Trends in International Terrorism and Japan’s Response Makoto Tsuruki
◆ Recent Terrorism Polices
・The Recent Terrorism Policies and their  Constitutional Implications Hideyuki Ohsawa
・Preventing Terrorism by Tackling Radicalisation: UK Efforts to Win Hearts and Minds of Muslims Shiro Kawamoto
・Effective Strategy for Anti-Money Laundering and Legal Response by New Law Regulating Transfer of Proceeds of Crime-In Relationship with Terrorism and Organized Crime Yoshinori Nakanome
・Intelligence in Countering Transnational Terrorism Sekiaki Hiraishi
・Major Points of Consideration Regarding Political Neutrality of Police Kiyoshi Kawai
・Information Security Policy of National Police Agency Mitsuhiro Matsumoto
・Comprehensive Counter-Terrorism Measures in Japan Yashihiko Oishi
・Recent Terrorism with Explosives and Measures Jun Nakamura
・Transportation Security in Japan Isao Itabashi
◆ Articles
・The Public’s Consciousness of Fear for Crime in Risk Society -Risk Communication Approach for Terrorism Mitsuru Fukuda
・Digital Forensic in the Police Hiroyuki Sekine
・Towards More Substantial Policing Capacity -Tokyo Metropolitan Police Koban Reform Naoko Yoshida
◆ Panel Discussion
・Counter-Terrorism Measures of Japan: Current Efforts and Challenges Shiro Kawamoto Makoto Tsuruki
  Yoshihiko Oishi Yoshio Katayama
  Motohiro Tsuchiya Hideo Yamada
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association