english english お問い合わせ
(Vol.Ⅵ No.1,2004)

◆ Safety in the Community
・Preventing and Reducing Crime and Delinquency through Community-based-program Toyo Atsumi
・Coexistence with Foreign Citizens in Japan Koichi Miyazawa
・The Law on Prohibition of Picking Tools
Hidenori Yoshidai
・Two Sorts of the Strategies of Crime Prevention Tackling Juvenile Delinquency Tadashi Moriyama
・Promoting the Safety Cities Using the Crime Prevention Method of New Generation Osamu Koide
・Video Camera as a Social Security System in the Society Masashi Sekiguchi
・From “Crime Incident Maps” to Geographic Crime Analysis Yutaka Harada
◆ Articles
・Review on “Police Administrative” Keiko Sakurai
・The Current Status of Anti-Money Laundering Measures ~Mainly on the Suspicious Transaction Reporting Regime~ Tetsuro Kamata
・Terrorism and International Regulations Yasuaki Hashimoto
・Japan’s Underground Economy Takashi Kadokura
◆ Overseas Researches
・British Counter-Terrorism and Crisis Management Policy Yoshio Katayama
・Homeland Security and Terrorism-Related Information In the United States Maofumi Miyasaka
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association