english english お問い合わせ
(Vol.Ⅰ No.1,1999)

◆ Keynote Lecture
・Legal Policy for a Secure Society Yoriaki Narita
◆ Articles
・Outline of the Legal Theory of Police Administration Todays An Introduction Tokiyasu Fujita
・Perspectives for Policing in the 21st Century Toyo Atsumi
・Prospect of Police Legal System: Concerning Counterterrorism Measures Shigeru Kitamura
・Policing for Delinquency Prevention Kanehiro Hoshino
・Terrorism in the Highly Informatized Society; Its Characteristics and Basic Framework for Countermeasures Makoto Tsuruki
・On Information Security from the View Point of Revolution of Civilization Shigeo Tsujii
◆ Panel Discussion
・Public Security in a Changing Society Koichi Miyazawa Masao Okumura
  Takayuki Shiibashi Hideo Yamada
    Shigeo Tsujii
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association