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◆ Keynote Lecture
・Terrorism in Highly Informatized Society Makoto Tsuruki
◆ Articles
・Police Administration in the Society of Self-control Principle Tsutomu Isobe
・Memorandum on Unique Organizational Features and Functions of the National Police Agency Toru Ogino
・The Police-officer’s Mission towards the Assurance of Victim’s Rights Hidemichi
・Community-Based Alternative Dispute Resolution and Police Yoko Hosoi
   Nobuo Komiya
・Brain Death, Organ Transplant and Bioethics Akira Tanaka
・Foreigners and Policing in Japan Masami Sekine
・Information management in disaster countermeasures Yoshio Katayama
・Humanitarian intervention―Legitimacy and National Interest Toshibumi Sakata
・What is the new Terrorism? Brian Michael
◆ Overseas Researches
・A general Information Access Act for the Federal Republic of Germany Shizuo Fujiwara
 -The new Information Access Act of Schleswig-Holstein
・Media Regulations of Terrorism in the U.K Yasutoshi Mori
・Terrorism and Media Regulation in Israel Hideo Kunieda
◆ Panel Discussion
・International Terrorism:Trends and Coordinator Hideo Kunieda
 Countermeasures Ryoji Tateyama Toshiyuki Tanaka
  Ayako Uchiyama Osamu Iwahashi
    Hideo Yamada
◆ Information and Source Materials
・Activities in and around the Association